The Retail industry can be multi-dimensional, complex and highly pressured which often leads clients to find a supplier and stick with that supplier, often for years.

Having spent many years in the industry I constantly witness endless examples of blind loyalty, clients sticking like glue to certain suppliers even though their suppliers are completely the wrong fit.

Clients often make supplier choices completely blind; they have never visited their premises, they have never met the staff or the owners, apart from what the Sales Reps tell them they basically know nothing about the company they entrust with their work. It is a little like taking your car to be serviced at the hairdressers, crazy.

The printing / signage industry is the largest industry in the world and unbeknown to most people it is one of the most complex, every supplier has a different set up, they all have different size presses, there are those who specialise in the A3 market, those who specialise in the A2, A1 markets, B3, B2, B1 markets, there are those who have 1 colour, 2 colour, 4 colour, 5 colour, 6 colour, 8 colour, 10 colour and even 12 colour presses each of which are suited only to certain projects.

There is not one supplier the world over who can cost effectively manage YOUR needs!

So how can we help you?
Essentially, it is simple, we know the industry and under our “Print Management” banner we cherry pick, matching the right suppliers to the right productswhether that be printing, signage, direct mail, event collateral or promotional items. We project manage, we do all the leg work and take away all the responsibility which can potentially save thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands each year and more importantly…… free up vital resources.

We make buying print easy.
We can even help you with design services as well.

The ACS Print Group manage regular monthly, quarterly or seasonal campaigns for many of Australia’s leading brands covering & not limited to

• Catalogues • Direct mail • Slat wall systems • Dump bins • Scratch to win promotions • Scratch n’ sniff campaigns • Custom made presentation boxes • Donation boxes • Ticketing promotions • Window decals and bumper stickers • Media walls and pull up banners • Promotional materials • Menu’s • Billboards • Events • Promotional items • Posters • Corflutes • Magazines • Newsletters • Direct mail

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