Vinyl Banners

Visually striking photo quality, cost effective and can be finished to suit your specific preference.
The most popular finish is hemmed edges with eyelets to each corner, alternatively we can add rope when hemming the edges or pockets top and bottom to house weighted bars. You simply choose your preferred finish, we arrange the rest.

Vinyl banners are one of the most popular mediums for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Simple to
erect and available in a variety of finishes including hemmed edges with or without rope and eyelets or rod
pockets for suspending.
• Quality materials
• UV weather resistant (waterproof and tear resistant)
• Digitally printed using exterior grade UV inks • Bulk discounts available
• Custom shapes and sizes (you design it and we will make it)
• Delivery to anywhere in Australia
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Is there a maximum width for vinyl banners? For ease of use we recommend a maximum 10 metres width, any longer and it can make the installation and freight more challenging.

What is the difference in the available finishes? There are a number of options available, the most popular is hemmed edges with eyelets to each corner, to erect all you need do is secure with a little rope, string or with cable ties, alternatively when we hem the edges we can add rope which eliminates the need for the eyelets. Another option is the Rod pockets which allow you to hang the banner, the pockets are designed to fit poles up to 40 mm in Diameter.

Why do you hem the edges? The reason is three fold, banner materials can fray on one edge, hemmed edges not only eliminate that problem but they also reinforce the edge giving strength to the product, this also offers the opportunity to lay a length of rope whilst doing so.

Are discounts available for larger quantities? Yes, the more you order the cheaper the cost

Can these be cut to shape? Yes, we can custom cut to any shape, this does generally add 24/48 hours to the production time so please bear that in mind, cost upon application.

What are the expected production times? Subject to the overall size you ought to allow 5-7 working days from receipt of artwork but if you have a specific deadline to meet please advise and we will do our best to make it happen

How long will a Vinyl banner last outdoors? Our banners are printed using solvent based inks which offer 5/7 years outdoors, if you would like longer we can apply a UV resistant film which increases this to 7/10 years, located indoors they will last for many years.

Why don’t you display prices on your website? The products shown are a guide only and may vary slightly depending upon where we end up going in order to procure the very best arrangements for our clients, there are so many suppliers offering these types of products, the costs vary enormously as do the lead-times and the quality, the moment you hit the submit button we can see the type of display you are looking for, an account manager will then discuss your specific needs, as independent agents we then go out to a large number of trusted suppliers to secure you, the client, the best possible arrangements to suit our clients needs, this allows us to manage both major and minor orders with equal efficiency.


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