Teardrop - FLAGS - FLAGS size: M 3.4m

Our wide range of flags are visually stunning, perfect for just about every scenario whether used on a hard or soft surface, carpark or retail, sand or dirt, you can even attach them to the front of your store. Lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to transport and available in a wide selection of sizes and colours. More >>
Product code: P00018-3

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• Range of sizes from 6m to 2m
• Light weight but durable design, comes with a carry bag and is easily transportable
• Easy to assemble
• Single or double sided printed flags
• All designs come with an enclosed spindle which allow the flags to swivel with the wind
• Robust fibreglass poles
• Wide range of bases available to suit every purpose
• Range of sleeve colours available
• Graphics or the flags themselves are fully interchangeable
• Digitally printed using UV inks

What is the difference between double sided flags and Single sheet printed both sides (mirror image)? Double sided flags are created by printing two flags on a blockout polyester stock, we then sew them together (back to back) to produce a high quality finish that can be clearly viewed and read both sides. Double sided sides mirror image means the artwork is printed both sides of the same sheet (mirror image), this is more cost effective than double sided flags but isn’t always as striking as the colour will have less vibrancy (as the printed image has bled through from the other side of the flag).

What is the sleeve? The sleeve is the unit the pole slides into and comes in a number of colours, most people choose Black but it is your own personal choice, the costs are the same whichever colour you choose.

Can I simply re-order another flag without the base unit? Absolutely, this is one of the real advantages to these products in that the graphics are totally interchangeable, not only that but storing each takes up about as much room as a few A4 sheets of paper, once you have the base you can have as many flags as you need. Are discounts available for larger quantities? Yes, the more you order the cheaper the cost.

There are so many choices for the base, how do I know which is the best? Understanding where the flags are going to be used makes choosing the correct base easy, if the flag is going to be used on grass then either the metal spike or the plastic screw would be suitable (the metal spikes will offer a more permanent solution) alternatively if the flag is to be used on a hard surface then the cross range would be most suitable, if in doubt please talk to your account manager who will be happy to chat through the options with you.

What are the expected production times? Please talk to your account manager, where you have urgent requirements we will use Australian manufacturers but if cost is critical and you have more flexibility with lead-time we can source better solutions overseas.

How long will the flags last outdoors?
It all depends upon the amount of UV exposure, if the flag is located in direct sunlight this will affect the amount of time before they start to fade, if the flag is located outdoors and in full sunlight you should expect to get 16 months life expectancy before they start to fade, located indoors they will last for many years.

Why don’t you display prices on your website? The products shown are a guide only and may vary slightly depending upon where we end up going in order to procure the very best arrangements for our clients, there are so many suppliers offering these types of products, the costs vary enormously as do the lead-times and the quality, the moment you hit the submit button we can see the type of display you are looking for, an account manager will then discuss your specific needs, as independent agents we then go out to a large number of trusted suppliers to secure you, the client, the best possible arrangements to suit our clients needs, this allows us to manage both major and minor orders with equal efficiency.

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