Tablecloths / throws

Freakishly popular for events, tradeshows, expo’s, open days, retail displays, showroom covers or sashes to
cover cars these visually stunning covers will light up just about any display, simple, cost effective and can
be custom made in fact we can pretty much custom make to fit almost anything.
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Product code: P00025

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Lightweight, machine washable either hot or cold wash these branded throws can be used for hundreds of purposes and once folded take up very little space in the storeroom.

• Custom made to any size to fit any purpose
• Suitable for Retail displays, Open days, car covers, photographic backdrops, events or expos the list simply goes on…..
• Lightweight, digitally printed using dye-sublimated inks
• Simply throw over to fit
• Machine washable using either hot or cold water
• Multi-purpose, easy to store.

FAQ’s Can you produce custom designs? Yes, in fact many of the tablecloths to throws we produce are custom designs, you just let us know the dimensions, maybe include any relevant photos or schematics which will help us estimate the cost, custom designs can take a little longer to produce depending upon the size and complexity.

Are discounts available for larger quantities? Yes, the more you order the cheaper the cost

What are the expected production times? Please talk to your account manager, where you have urgent requirements we will source Australian manufacturers but if cost is critical and you have more flexibility with lead-time we can source more cost effective solutions overseas. custom designs can take a little longer depending upon the size and complexity.

Can these table cloths be used outdoors? Yes but the tablecloths are not really designed for use outdoors, if you do want to use these outdoors the lifespan will depend upon the amount of UV exposure, if the product is located in direct sunlight this will affect the amount of time before they start to fade, if the product is located outdoors and in full sunlight you should expect to get 6 months life expectancy before it start to fade, located indoors they will last for many years.

Can creases be removed from the fabric? Creases can be removed either through the use of a hand held steamer (our recommendation) alternatively you can use a warm iron although if you are using this method it is important to use an ironing cloth to protect the fabric.

Are there extra setup fees for multiple designs? Yes, our prices are based upon one design, if you have multiple designs there will be a small additional cost to cover the additional set up, please indicate the total number of signs and the number of designs and we can cost accordingly)

Why don’t you display prices on your website? The products shown are a guide only and may vary slightly depending upon where we end up going in order to procure the very best arrangements for our clients, there are so many suppliers offering these types of products, the costs vary enormously as do the lead-times and the quality, the moment you hit the submit button we can see the type of display you are looking for, an account manager will then discuss your specific needs, as independent agents we then go out to a large number of trusted suppliers to secure you, the client, the best possible arrangements to suit our clients needs, this allows us to manage both major and minor orders with equal efficiency.


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