SEG Giant tower display

Visually stunning, these impressive giant
displays are portable, easy to assemble and
come with an optional backlit lighting
You can even turn your display into one
giant illuminated lightbox
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Product code: P00028

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Our Giant tower displays are visually stunning, they are perfect for events or trade shows and like so many of our other display models are proving themselves to be incredibly popular, lightweight, easy to assemble.

Easy to assemble
Backlit lighting system
Range of sizes up to 5m high
Custom designs available
High quality product printed on a machine washable polyester
Available either in square, triangle or cylinder shapes
Graphics (or skins) are fully interchangeable
Digitally printed using UV inks
Lightweight aluminium frame snaps together easily
Comes with a 12 month warranty

FAQ’s How long would it take to assemble? We would recommend two people assemble these displays, they are simple to assemble, simply snap together the frame and then slide the graphic over the top, depending upon your acumen assembly is normally 4-6 minutes.

Can you re-skin the banner/graphic? Absolutely, this is one of the real advantages to the fabric display products in that the graphics are totally interchangeable, not only that but storing each takes up about as much room as a few A4 sheets of paper, once you have the shell you can have as many skins as you need.

Are there any lighting accessories compatible with these designs? Yes, you can either fix the lighting accessories to the outside or you can place inside so the display acts as a kind of light box.

Are discounts available for larger quantities? Yes, the more you order the cheaper the cost

What are the expected production times? Please talk to your account manager, where you have urgent requirements we will source from Australian manufacturers but if cost is critical and you have more flexibility with lead-time we can source better solutions overseas. please allow extra time for custom builds.

Can these Fabric display products be used outdoors? No, these products are designed for indoor use only we do however have a range of products which are designed for outdoor purpose, please refer to our OUTDOOR RANGE

Can creases be removed from the fabric? Creases can be removed either through the use of a hand held steamer (our recommendation) alternatively you can use a warm iron although if you are using this method it is important to use an ironing cloth to protect the fabric.

How do you attach the graphic to the Stretch Fabric Media Wall? It is a straight forward process, once the frame is assembled you simply slide the fabric banner over the frame, depending upon your acumen assembly is normally between 4-6 minutes.

Why don’t you display prices on your website? The products shown are a guide only and may vary slightly depending upon where we end up going in order to procure the very best arrangements for our clients, there are so many suppliers offering these types of products, the costs vary enormously as do the lead-times and the quality, the moment you hit the submit button we can see the type of display you are looking for, an account manager will then discuss your specific needs, as independent agents we then go out to a large number of trusted suppliers to secure you, the client, the best possible arrangements to suit our clients needs, this allows us to manage both major and minor orders with equal efficiency.


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