Pull-up Banners - Australian made - Pull up banner Model: Banner Bug - 1500 x 2170 mm

Our most popular retractable products are the Banner bug range of which there are two main products available

Pix 80 design
The Pix 80 is more suited to intermittent or occasional use whereby it will be housed in a foyer, moved around occasionally and re-skinned intermittently and is available in one size only 2170 x 800 mm. The Pix 80 comes with a 2 year warranty.

Premium Banner Bug
The Banner Bug is our premium banner, hugely popular for its sturdy design and reliability, it has been designed for rigorous use and is available in a range of four widths. The Banner Bug comes with a lifetime year warranty.

Both products are Australian made, digitally printed onto a high quality Vinyl which is has a Grey blockout reverse, curl-resistant edges and comes with a Silver Base and carry bag with shoulder strap.
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Product code: P00005-5

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Both the Pix 80 and the Banner Bug range are Australian made, digitally printed onto a high quality Vinyl which is has a Grey blockout reverse, curl-resistant edges and comes with a Silver Base and carry bag with shoulder strap.

• Australian made
• High quality product
• light sandbox finish to minimise glare
• Light weight, comes with a carry bag and is easily transportable
• Digitally printed using UV inks
• Curl-resistant edges
• Silver or black stands available
• Heights can be adjusted to suit
• 24 month OR lifetime warranty

Can these print both sides?
Yes, please advise this preference and we can advise the cost and manufacture to suit

Can you re-skin the banner on my existing pull up banner stand?
No, we do not replace the printed
banners on existing pull up banner stands - we only supply new complete units. The reasons for this are:
1. The labour cost involved in removing the old banner and installing a new banner into the stand is expensive
2. A number of banner stands will be destroyed when trying to change over the banners
3. A number of banner stands are often in very poor condition when returned which makes the process difficult
4. Our low cost for the complete new units makes it a better option than changing over banners on existing units

.. if you are looking for a solution which allows for the graphics to be interchangeable please take a look at either our Slimline Tube displays or our range of fabric media wall displays, both of these options allow for easy cost effective changing of the graphics. For a more cost effective option, where you have greater flexibility with lead-time please see our range of imported retractable banners

Are discounts available for larger quantities?

Yes, the more you order the cheaper the cost.

What is the difference between the Premium and Luxury banner stands?

The printed banner is exactly the same on both the Pix 80 and the main Banner Bug models - the only difference is the stand itself. The Premium Banner Bug model has a stronger spring mechanism and uses higher grade materials, the Pix 80 design is better suited for shorter term use and comes with a 2 year warranty. The Banner bug model is a stronger, sturdier design which we recommend when the stand is going to be used continually and/or sent interstate. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

What are the expected production times?

Please allow 6/7 working days from receipt of artwork but if you have a specific deadline to meet please advise and we will do our best to make it happen 

Can Pull up banners be used outdoors?

No, if you place a conventional pull up banner outside it will act like a sail and fall over very easily, we do however have a range of products which may be more suitable for that purpose, please refer to our OUTDOOR RANGE

Why don’t you display prices on your website?
The products shown are a guide only and may vary slightly depending upon where we end up going in order to procure the very best arrangements for our clients, there are so many suppliers offering these types of products, the costs vary enormously as do the lead-times and the quality, the moment you hit the submit button we can see the type of display you are looking for, an account manager will then discuss your specific needs, as independent agents we then go out
to a large number of trusted suppliers to secure you, the client, the best possible arrangements to suit our clients needs, this allows us to manage both major and minor orders with equal efficiency.

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