“Our customers are our friends” ACS Print Group Founder Andy Childs


We at ACS Print Group believe our success is your success, and have an unending passion for all we do and to help our clients achieve their peak potential.

We do this by:

• Enthusiastically and proudly providing our services to assure success
• Acknowledging our work is a self-portrait of our professionalism
• Embracing a desire for excellence
• Celebrating the contributions and successes of both our team and those we work for
Doing all we can to be the best we can
Embracing change and striving for success.



Open and constructive communication with our customers, suppliers and community is the key to our future and we will not shy from the “hard conversations” to help our clients achieve their visions, hopes and dreams.

We will:

• Consult professionally and considerately to achieve our clients’ expectations
Ensure work is done correctly, efficiently, on budget and on time
Openly and co-operatively consult with others to achieve desired outcomes
Welcome and respect others’ opinions
Fully explain our reasoning and give constructive solutions to problems
Confirm requirements and expectations early in our client relationships.


We are an extension of the people we serve, and honesty, trust and confidentiality are the principles that guide us in our commitment to lead from the front and to always provide a first-class job for our clients, partners and providers.

We will:

• Respect client confidentiality at all times
Give our 100% best, 100% of the time
Treat others intellectual and physical property like our own
Be responsible for our actions and decisions
Ensure ethical standards are always a priority
Keep client best interests at the forefront of everything we do.


If we have promised to do something a particular way or seek a pre-determined outcome, we will plan properly, resource effectively and implement agreed processes and standards to make it happen.

This means:

• Working with clients, suppliers and others to ensure expectations are met
Acting on opportunities and taking calculated risks to meet challenges
Basing all decisions on facts and experience
Focussing on agreed priorities
Monitoring progress, learning from mistakes and taking action as swiftly as possible
Focussing on value and implementing practical solutions
Thinking outside the square to achieve both our own and our clients objectives.


We will never let the enthusiasm we have for our work overshadow our determination to do our job safely, responsibly and to the best of our ability, while ensuring those we deal with have a positive, safe and memorable experience.

We will always:

• Respect and value each other, our clients, partners, suppliers, our communities
Ensure a safe environment for all
Be inclusive, accepting, supportive and treat everyone fairly
Consider the impacts of our actions on others
Encourage personal growth and development
Trust in and empower our team and those we work with and alongside.