Technology makes everyone’s life easier; that’s the theory in any case. The printing industry is no different. The last 30 years have seen cutting edge, intelligent software programs designed to make marketeers’ lives easier, saving time and money. Marketing budgets rarely grow and so it is up to you to act smarter by considering whether one of these modular systems could make a substantial difference to the way you and your company manages your print procurement.

Modern online portals have customised modules which -

  • Catalogue commonly purchased items
  • Offer real-time design and editing of templated designs
  • Direct mail interfaces
  • Complete reporting facilities
  • Design tools for both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns
  • Intelligent solutions for local area marketing
  • Prepopulated pricing for regional variances to make producing price lists or regional catalogues or menus simple
  • Software programs designed to link users from around the world. Right now you could be in New York and at the touch of a button you can create, design, edit and action complex campaigns with multiple inbound and outbound touch points which previously would have required 3 or 4 marketing execs, an advertising agency and a graphic design studio all at huge cost now one person can do the whole lot at the drop of a hat and measure the response.

Consider your campaigns, challenge the norm, where can we make efficiencies? Here at the ACS Print Group we can demonstrate solutions which are proven, simple, easy to build, cost efficient and easy to implement.

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