In ever decreasing markets we must dare to be different, dare to be BOLD and dare to ask questions! If you are perceived as a loaf of bread on the shelf with two dozen other loaves all in a row you no longer have value, you are a commodity one to be bought and sold for the lowest possible price.

So how do you change that perception? Clever marketing? Understanding your target markets? Understanding the competition? Well of course, yes to all these things but central to all of this is your value, how do you portray your value to your clients? What makes you different? Why should the client buy from you and not Joe Bloggs next door? Your answer lay with your clients.

Everyone claims to offer great service, amazing quality so that isn’t going to wash, clients are much smarter than that, they want answers to their problems, they want solutions and it is your job to discover what those are by asking key questions, doing your research and finding out the common thread.

If your only point of difference is cost, you are on the fastest route to the bottom.

Your clients are your lifeblood so why wouldn’t you want to fully understand exactly what they are looking for and what they like/dislike about your business, how do they perceive you? Once you understand what your clients and how they perceive you, you have your direction!

So next time your Sales reps meet with either existing or potential clients make sure they ask the right questions and then meet regularly to gather and discuss the results, working as a united team is far more effective than everyone for themselves. Marketing and sales must work as one!

Ensuring the client feels looked after, honest advice and peace of mind is critical. Even something as simple as a different website layout with new information or features, or the way it displays, and functions can be a great point of difference that increases engagement online.

Or simply a business model that flips traditional methods on their heads.


Andy Childs