10 Most Common mistakes clients make dealing with print suppliers

(and how to fix them)

This is eBook is essential reading for anyone who buys print or for managers who employ staff to manage print projects, there are no punches pulled, it tells the hard truths about the mistake’s clients make dealing with print suppliers.

If you want to improve the skill sets of your staff, or your own, if you want to learn about the printing industry and the errors clients make all the time then you need to read this NOW.

We all make mistakes. Here is how to spot those stupid mistakes and correct them before they hurt your business.

These insights and tips will help you get your print buying back on track, and stop you from making some serious, major mistakes in the future.

About Andy Childs

Andy Childs is founder and CEO of ACS Print Group, after over 30 years in the industry Andy is now completely independent from any traditional supplier and views this as an opportunity to share some of his life’s experiences and to guide clients through the labyrinth that is the printing industry.

Andy is happy to share tips, techniques and strategies with anyone interested to learn more and to expand their knowledge of the printing trades and to understand how this complex industry works.