Offset • Web • Large Format
Digital • Direct mail • Magazines or Catalogues
Signage • Point of Sale
Tradeshow / Event collateral


Branding • Visual identity
Photography • Graphic design 
Digital design • Video / Animation 
Print and Production


Inventory systems • Catalogue commonly
purchased items • Real-time design
and editing of templated designs
Complete reporting and stock control facilities
Intelligent solutions for LAM... more


Pens, mugs, umbrella • Custom Roller blinds
Bunting • Beer mats • Modular advertising designs
Outdoor Event collateral
(Media walls, banners and signage)
TV’s, video screens • Accessories

To those who don’t know me, I’m Andy Childs, over the past 20 years I have owned four businesses in both England and Australia specialising in printing, signage, prepress, graphic design, marketing and publishing.Throughout my career I have witnessed and made just about every mistake there is to make. I'd like to think this has made me older and wiser and it is because of these experiences that I decided to launch ACS Print Group. ACS Print Group are experts in the field of print procurement

I like to think of ourselves as a family of problem solvers, dedicated to supporting our wonderful clients through creative design and content management services to the delivery of printing, mailing and distribution services. We have a talented and highly experienced team who, between drinking coffee and squirrelling away chips, engage closely with our clients to procure specialist products and services from a wide array of professional suppliers.

Every supplier, whether that be printing, signage, direct mail or promotions, they are all different, they all have different size presses, there are those who specialise in the A3 market, those who specialise in the A2, A1 markets, there are those who have 1 colour, 2 colour, 4 colour, 5 colour, 8 colour, 10 colour and 12 colour presses, every single print supplier has a different offering. There is no one supplier the world over who can cost effectively manage everything.That’s where our model comes into play, we understand the industry, we understand the pitfalls. We do not manufacture; we are 100% independent.

Clients engage us to act as their procurement arm, we centralise marketing and procurement, we project manage and provide expert services & independent advice saving time, money and vital resources.

We proudly support Australian business.
We proudly prioritise sustainable suppliers over others.
We proudly support our clients

We want you and your team to focus upon your priorities, while we look after everything else.
Anyone who knows me will understand how extraordinarily committed I am to helping you unlock your team’s potential. At the ACS Print Group our whole team has the same level of commitment. Whether you need creative services, managed solutions for print procurement, or simply independent advice, we will give you the tools and solutions you need to succeed.

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